is one of 11 nominees for the Superuser Awards to be presented at the OpenInfra Live: Keynotes.


Who do you think should win the 2021 Superuser Awards?

It’s time for you to help determine the winner of the 2021 Superuser Awards! The annual Superuser Awards is to recognize organizations that have used open infrastructure to improve their business while contributing back to the community.

This year, the Superuser Awards winner will be announced at the OpenInfra Live: Keynotes, November 17 – 18th! This will be the best opportunity for the global community to get together this year to hear about all things OpenInfra. Registration is free and is now live, so get your virtual ticket today and join us for Keynotes! is one of 11 nominees for the Superuser Awards. Check out why its team getting nominated and support them on Twitter!

Who is the nominee?

How has open infrastructure transformed the organization’s business? 

We are heavily reliant on the OpenInfra project – OpenStack for deploying and managing customer cloud and using it to build a solution that addresses requirements in multiple cluster environments along with Kubernetes. As a solution provider, we had experienced reliability and flexibility to satisfy IT infrastructure requirements of central management and end-to-end automation.

How has the organization participated in or contributed to an open source project?

Our team has contributed to multiple open-source projects from different communities. We are contributing to the below open source projects for the last 10 years. We were active in attending meetups, providing feedback, code contribution, and discussion on blueprints.  

 Open Source projects: 

  •  Akraino – LF Edge – Kontour PTL
  • TARS foundation (Active Participant and Ambassador)
  • OpenStack
  • Anuket (OPNFV + CNTT)

Our team is also organizing meetups of OpenStack and TARS foundation and LF Edge. We are also active in the OpenInfra organization in India.  Arif Khan is the ambassador for Anuket project. Abhimanyu is an ambassador of TARS foundation.

What open source technologies does the organization use in its open infrastructure environment?

  • OpenStack
  • Kubernetes
  • Prometheus
  • Anuket
  • CEPH
  • Thanos
  • Grafanna
  • Akraino (Blueprint – Kontour)
  • TARS Foundation

What is the scale of your open infrastructure environment?

We have been working with OpenStack-based cloud in multiple regions for the Government Organisation. All of our data centers are interconnected within the intranet. Apart from our cloud, over 500 users of our IaaS solutions run over 10,000 cores in production. We have also implemented multiple Kubernetes clusters on top of the IaaS layer.

What kind of operational challenges have you overcome during your experience with open infrastructure?

Scaling of OpenStack components to make sure it can handle thousands of API requests and it can be scalable. Storage backend using CEPH (optimized hardware and software layers) to handle PBs of data across multiple sites.

Seamless Day 2 operations (backup, security, deployments, Centralized/Unified Monitoring) using our in-house solution for both OpenStack and Kubernetes across multiple clusters.

How is this team innovating with open infrastructure? 

We are utilizing OpenStack and Kubernetes for a customer with the following value additions

  • End to End monitoring of cloud solution with deep analytics and closed loop automation for proactively identifying and diagnosing the issues
  • Multi-cluster connectivity with RBAC and security compliance through Self-Service Portal supporting multiple sites distributed across geographies on a single dashboard
  • Complete Metering, Show Back, Chargeback and Billing Solution integrated with the Cloud Solution for providing multi-cluster cloud resources of user consumption and monthly invoices
  • High availability of cluster resources for including cloud control panel as well as compute HA
  • Advanced cloud features like VPN as a Service between different cloud sites



The Superuser Editorial Advisory Board will review the nominees and determine the finalists and overall winner after the community has had a chance to review the nominees. Stay tuned!