Recommended topics and content ideas for the November Summit.


These days, there’s more intersection than ever between NFV, telecom, 5G and edge computing. The Open Infra Summit in Shanghai is combining the track to highlight these developments. Here’s what members of the Programming Committee are looking for. (For tips on the other Tracks, check out this post.)
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Ian Jolliffe, director of engineering, Wind River

“I’d like to see talks relevant to the China market.  I’ve been to China many times and understand the market fairly well as an outsider.  I’d like to see a wide variety of talks on new edge use cases, complementary projects that could be relevant to Edge, NFV and 5G; The convergence of technology to come together to address the challenges of these three similar but different domains/technologies.”

Ben Silverman, chief cloud architect, Cincinnati Bell Technology Services (CBTS)

“I’m looking for interesting proposals that either use open infrastructure or open source, including OpenStack, in ways that are different, especially for use cases like 5G and edge technologies. Edge is quickly becoming the enabler for so many new technologies, so I’d love to see some specific architectures or engineering for particular large use cases like NFV, 5G and edge, but at the same time, could be used elsewhere for distributed computing that is not on the Edge. Of course no track would be complete without discussing containers, so I’m also looking for unique ideas regarding the operations, deployment and security of containers, VMs and bare metal with Edge, 5G and NFV use cases. Great questions to think about when putting together a proposal in this area might be: How do we deploy the infrastructure? What do we deploy it in/on? How is bare metal handled? Is latency our concern, is it high bandwidth, or is it both? Why does edge, 5G and NFV using open infrastructure make sense? How do companies have a win/win/win here?”

Shane Wang, engineering manager at Intel, individual board member of OSF, chair of China Open Infra meetup group 

“I’d like to see user case adoption of NFV and edge computing in telco carriers especially based on OpenStack and related pilot projects, diversity of edge computing open source projects, instead of StarlingX only. I would like to see collaborations between many projects to make NFV and edge happen and become real.”

Qihui Zhao, project manager, China Mobile

“With the development of 5G, cloud computing has been gradually evolving to edge. On one hand, we could focus on MEC use cases and related implementations. On the other hand, we need to consider the collaboration between cloud and edge, IT and CT services, so that we could build an automatic ICT cloud. In addition, for infrastructure providers, how to achieve unified O&M of cloud resources and shield the difference of underlying infrastructures is also a hot topic.”


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