July marks OpenStack’s 4th birthday and we’re celebrating this year by spotlighting user groups from around the world.


Learn more about OpenStack’s Belgium user group by visiting their LinkedIn page here.

1) How long has your user group been around? Describe how it formed.

OpenStack’s Belgium user group has been around for almost 2 years. It was formed out of the belief that OpenStack would become a standard part of IT infrastructure. A bit like what Linux and Virtualization have done.

2) What’s one piece of advice you would give to new users?

Read the Ops Manual!

3) What do you wish was powered by OpenStack. If you could build anything with OpenStack, what would it be?

Internet of Things

4) How do the members of your user group collaborate outside of meetings?

LinkedIn, Skype, OpenStack irc, OpenStack launchpad, face2face

5) What are the three most important questions about OpenStack that are burning in your user group’s mind?

  • Will there be a standardized training platform? Courses (basic and advanced), exams…
  • One of the difficulties in convincing businesses to use OpenStack is security. Are there materials that we can use to prove that this is not an issue?
  • We understand how you work with OpenStack in the sense of using and removing resources, but how would you use it in an environment where 90% of the servers stay alive for several years?

Image credit: "Belgium-5683" by Dennis Jarvis