The free meetup, held March 9-10 in Philadelphia, is a chance for operators to share best practices and give feedback.


If you run an OpenStack cloud, attending the next Mid-Cycle Ops Meetup is a great way to swap best practices and give feedback to help shape the next release.

As the name suggests, the two-day Meetup takes place halfway through the development cycle for the upcoming “Liberty” OpenStack release. Comcast is hosting the free event March 9-10 at its Philadelphia headquarters.

Divided into general sessions and working groups, the Ops Meetup was founded to be a constructive, proactive involvement from those running clouds.

It’s been described as “all focus, no flash” by OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier. Collier says face time at the Ops Meetup can go a long way to airing any issues or getting traction on improvements you’d like to see.

“Sure, we all collaborate online every day on mailing lists, IRC, and a dozen other forums, but there is no substitute for sitting down for breakfast tacos across the table from your peers and working on the thorny issues all operators face,” Collier says.

This time around, the two-day marathon offers breakout sessions on the application ecosystem, large deployments, and tools/monitoring. There are two architecture “Show & Tell” sessions, featuring companies including Time Warner Cable, Bloomberg, Rackspace, Blue Box and Red Hat. You’ll also get a chance to help define tags for the various facets of the “integrated release” concept with OpenStack’s director of engineering Thierry Carrez. You can take a look at the complete agenda-in-progress, along with hotel and transportation info here.

The Ops Meetup is strictly for people already operating OpenStack clouds. If you don’t run a cloud yet but want to learn more about OpenStack, check out the updated, global events section on the OpenStack Foundation website. The Operations Wiki will also help you get started with the mailing list, IRC, documentation and bug reporting.

Please reserve a spot for the Mid-Ops Meetup by February 27, so the organizers can keep you properly fed and caffeinated for two full days. 

Cover Photo by Leo Reynolds // CC BY NCTKTK