Interoperability, Nova and a session called “burning issues” were on tap for day two.


It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia: day two of the OpenStack Mid-Cycle Meetup was overcast and punctuated by rain.

The weather couldn’t dampen the energy at the event organized with local host and sponsor Comcast, which drew about 150 operators from as far away as Asia and Europe. These Mid-Cycle marathons take place halfway through the development cycle for the Kilo OpenStack release and have quadrupled in attendance since they were first held.

We’ll have more on Superuser including the show-and-tell architecture sessions and takeaways from participants, so stay tuned.

If you didn’t make it to Philadelphia, check out the etherpads updated live during the sessions. These dynamic collaborative notes include contact information so you can jump in to volunteer or share information on what interests you most.


Day two sessions included:

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Photos: Nicole Martinelli // CC BY NC