Ready to get started or take it farther with OpenStack? Here are some of our most popular tutorials.


Here are some of our most popular tutorials for 2017, along with a friendly reminder: You get active user contributor (AUC) status by writing for Superuser. Get in touch at

Getting started with OpenStack? Check out this cheat sheet

Following the long tradition of one-page cheat sheets for common UNIX applications (remember EMACS, Bash, regular expressions?) Aviv Lichtigstein, head of product evangelism at Loom Systems recently made a nice-looking one for OpenStack where he covers some common commands for services Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron and Cinder.

How to set up your work environment to become an OpenStack developer

If you’re a beginning OpenStack developer, contributor Nisha Yadav helps you get set up.

Exploring the OpenStack neighborhood: An offbeat install guide

Nooruddin Abbas, solution architect from GBM, gives you a tour of OpenStack in this three-part series.

Getting to know the essential OpenStack components better

Nooruddin Abbas demonstrates how to get Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron and Horizon up and running in part two of this three-part series.

Let’s heat things up with Cinder and Heat

Adding Cinder and Heat in the final part of this three-part OpenStack series.

Kuryr and Kubernetes will knock your socks off

Set up your own Kuryr-Kubernetes instance with this walk through form Red Hat’s Doug Smith.

Manage a multi-node Kubernetes deployment on a bare-metal cluster

This 12-minute demo shows you how to use OpenStack Ironic to manage a multi-node Kubernetes deployment on a bare-metal cluster.

How to: Docker containerized OpenStack Heat Translator

Sahdev P. Zala and Eduardo Patrocinio from IBM show us how they created a Docker container using Heat-Translator.

Enable native Neutron-based networking in Kubernetes with Kuryr

Ilya Chukhnakov and Antoni Segura Puimedon give a sneak peek on how Kuryr brings datacenter-ready OpenStack Neutron networking to Kubernetes.

Deploying and redeploying OpenStack in a physical server

How to use command-line tool Snapper to redeploy OpenStack in this tutorial from Arun Kumar of CloudEnablers.

OpenStack Neutron: an NFV primer

An overview of Neutron for NFV from Rossella Sblendido, core reviewer, and the OpenStack Foundation’s Ildikó Vancsa.