PTG April 2024 Summary

The first PTG of 2024 took place April 8-12. We have gathered all the project summaries so you can checkout the latest updates from the project teams!


Another productive Project Teams Gathering is now behind the OpenInfra community. Between April 8 and April 12, over 30 teams met to discuss a variety of topics to more effectively collaborate, unblock themselves, and iterate on ideas to grow the impact of Open Infrastructure globally. These teams reported an attendance of over 600 to discussions across the week of discussions. 

A number of community members have put together summaries from the week’s discussions: 

Know of a summary that is missing from the list? Let us know and we will get it added!

For more information and details of specific discussions, check out the full list of etherpads here.

This PTG was the first to use our own, OpenDev-hosted, Meetpad instance as the default meeting tool. This was very exciting since our communities strive to make use of open-source tools to develop our open-source software. If you have feedback on how you liked the tool, any issues you had, or anything else around the event in general, the feedback etherpad is the place to leave that!