Learn more about this new event and how a shorter cycle impacts the upcoming software release.


The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) is a new event organized by the OpenStack Foundation.

Every six months, at the beginning of the development phase of a release cycle, project teams will meet in person to discuss priorities for the upcoming cycle, iterate quickly on solutions for complex issues and jump start critical items. OpenStack releases will now be aligned with the PTG instead of the OpenStack Summits. The first PTG will be held February 20-24, 2017 in Atlanta.

Because the first PTG takes place almost three months before the next OpenStack Summit in Boston, OpenStack Ocata has a release cycle about six weeks shorter than usual.

Heidi Joy Tretheway,  OpenStack Foundation senior marketing manager, and Doug Hellman, PTL for the Release Management team and member of the Technical Committee, discuss what this means for the community.

“We’ve encouraged teams to focus on stability, bug fixes and performance improvements rather than adding a bunch of features,” Hellman says, adding that the cycle will go back to its previous six-month length,  starting with Pike.