The latest releases from Zuul and Nodepool plus a spotlight on the upcoming PTG.


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Spotlight on… The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) in Denver

In open collaboration, it is important for contributors to regularly meet in person. It allows open source projects to build shared understandings, discuss common priorities, iterate quickly on solutions for complex problems, and make fast progress on critical issues. It is a major step to establish a project identity beyond each separate organization participating.
The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) is a work event for contributors to various open source projects, special interest groups or working groups, organized by the OpenStack Foundation. It provides meeting facilities allowing those various groups to meet face-to-face, exchange and get work done in a productive setting. The co-location of those various meetings, combined with the dynamic scheduling of the event, make it easy to cross-pollinate between groups, or participate in multiple team meetings.

Historically, the PTG was organized as a separate event, run at a different time and location from our other events. For the first time in Denver in May 2019, the PTG will be run just after the Summit, in the same venue. This should make it accessible to a wider set of contributors.

As the OpenStack Foundation evolved to more broadly support openly developing open infrastructure, the PTG is now open to a larger set of open source projects. In Denver we’ll obviously have various OpenStack project teams taking the opportunity to meet, but also OSF pilot projects like Kata Containers, StarlingX and Airship. Beyond that, the event is open to other open infrastructure projects: at the last event we welcomed a Tungsten Fabric developers meeting, and in Denver we’ll have Rust-VMM developers leveraging the event to meet in person. Rust-VMM is a nascent open collaboration to develop common Rust virtualization crates, reusable between CrosVM and Firecracker.

You can learn more about the upcoming PTG, and see the full list of teams that will meet there by visiting the PTG website. If you are a contributor to one of those projects, we’d really like to see you there!

OpenStack Foundation news

  • Here are the latest updates on the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, April 29 – May:
    • The schedule is live and registration is open. Check out the lineup of speakers and get your tickets now before prices increase on April 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
    • After Denver, the Open Infrastructure Summit heads to Shanghai, the week of November 4. Sponsor Sales are now open, learn more here.
  • Last week, the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors reviewed confirmation guidelines for new Open Infrastructure Projects under the Foundation. After reviewing the process by which the guidelines were drafted and their current state, the Board unanimously approved the guidelines.

OpenStack Foundation Project News




  • The community reached their first milestone to containerize the control plane services of StarlingX for the upcoming release. For details, check out the Wiki.
  • There will be a hands-on workshop at the Open Infrastructure Summit. If you’re interested in learning how to deploy StarlingX and trying out some of the cool features of the platform, sign up for the workshop in Denver.


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