If you’re not in Paris, catch up on the OpenStack Summit here.


More than 4,600 developers and users — an attendance record — have gathered in Paris at the Palais des Congrès to share best practices, user stories and plan the 11th release of OpenStack cloud software, Kilo, due in April 2015. Here’s a recap of today’s events.

Paris Design Summit

In the video above, Thierry Carrez, Director of Engineering at the OpenStack Foundation and Anne Gentle, OpenStack Documentation Technical Lead at Rackspace discuss the Design Summit, which kicked off on Tuesday. The room was full with community members discussing requirements for the next release, Kilo, as well as implementation details. The group also talked about ways to get involved in the OpenStack community.

The purpose of the Design Summits is to ensure that OpenStack remains open from a design perspective, as well as from a code and community point of view.

"We want to discuss things in the open and integrate the feedback of our community. We don’t design behind closed doors," said Carrez.

The Design Summit started Tuesday and will go through the end of the week. If you’re live in Paris and interested in getting involved, the schedule is here.

The Summit in the News

The OpenStack Summit always gets a lot of attention in the news. Here are some of the highlights:

"In a world where software defines your business, you’ll want the best, and OpenStack looks like it will be giving Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure a run for the money." – ZDNet

"The new IT paradigm is all about the user, and users demand fast above all else; waiting for new bare metal hardware to be approved, purchased, delivered, and installed is no longer a viable option. And those users demand choice on the resources they are allocated. The old model has been replaced, now that there is an ‘expectation you can get the resources you want, when you want them, configured the way you want.’" – opensource.com

"OpenStack has always had a very strong community, but as these latest OpenStack survey results show, actual deployment is finally catching up." – CBR

"In situations where it is a matter of choosing between [OpenStack and AWS], OpenStack wins on flexibility of the hardware deployed underneath." – Data Center Knowledge

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