Mike Perez talks community-wide goals for the Queens release and how you can get involved.


Mike Perez from the OpenStack Foundation discusses some of the community-wide goals for the Queens release, which include increasing consistency and improving reference API documentation for users trying to use OpenStack RESTful APIs.

Goals for the future release develop during Forum sessions at the Summit then make their way to the Technical Committee for final decisions.  You can get involved by joining the developer’s mailing list or proposing your goals on the Etherpad as well as keep track of deadlines for the Queens release here.

Some of the goals the community is currently focusing on for the Pike release (in development now and due at the end of August) include functional testing for Python 3.5 and supporting the Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) inside various projects that will allow these releases to operate as agnostic technologies with web servers including Apache and NGINX.

Another major goal includes efforts to support finer policies regarding admin roles within projects, which involve written specifications. These specifications currently exist as an actual implementation in Nova which will soon make its way out to the rest of the projects to provide a consistent experience, Perez explains.

There’s also a focus on facilitating version discovery through the deciphering of endpoints, which will benefit app developers who currently have to sift through mass amounts of code.

Check out the entire seven-minute interview — conducted with OpenStack’s youngest contributor Mila —  below.