Kenny Johnston and Melvin Hillsman discuss recent testing and training initiatives conducted by OSIC.


The OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC) has come a long way since its launch in July 2015. Melvin Hillsman, operations technical lead, OSIC at Rackspace and Kenny Johnston, alliance manager, OSIC at Rackspace shared what the team has achieved since the Austin Summit and what its hoping to accomplish in the next six months.

The OSIC partnership and alliance is contributing in several ways throughout the community, including training new sets of developers so they can contribute upstream. Almost 200 people have gone through the OSIC training program, and over a year of OpenStack knowledge has been shared with these developers. The team is also hoping to impart some operational knowledge into the broader community through the availability of its cluster for testing.

One of the big things the team has achieved since the OpenStack Summit Austin is testing at scale in the cluster. One such test, the ‘novice install’ aims to debunk the myth that OpenStack is too complex to install. Through the process over eight iterations, the team reduced the install time from 40 hours to six hours – including bare metal provisioning.

The OSIC team has also been conducting scalability tests and reliability tests, but also offer its resources to the broader community so people can run their own tests and see the results for themselves.

To learn more about what OSIC hopes to achieve in the next six months, catch the SuperuserTV interview below and view some of the team’s recent work, including a CI/CD proof of concept at at

Allison Price