John Garbutt shares his thoughts on how to boost your involvement in the community.


John Garbutt knows a lot about what it takes to be a vital member of the OpenStack community. His involvement stretches back to late 2010, he’s been a project team leader (PTL) for Nova (and survived the endeavor more than once!) and is currently a member of nova-core, nova-specs-core and nova-drivers.

He now works as principal engineer focused on the convergence of OpenStack and high-powered computing at StackHPC, in addition to playing the tuba as his Twitter handle suggests. A frequent speaker at OpenStack events, he recently gave back to the community at OpenStack Days UK by sharing his thoughts on what you can do to get more involved.

As a way to answer common questions about how to commit upstream, he shared his experience of working on bugs at the OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC) and offered the following ways to get more involved:

● Come meet the OpenStack community
● Fix that confusing bit in the docs
● Submit that bug report
● Upload that little bug fix
● Help with reproduction, logs and testing fixes
● Review a Specification that interests you

You can check out the whole slide deck here.