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Spotlight On: OpenStack Exceeds 40 Million Cores in Production

The OpenStack community is not just alive and well, it’s thriving. Users of the most widely deployed open source cloud software in the world have verified more than 40 million cores of OpenStack compute in production, which is a 60% increase compared to 2021 and a 166% increase since 2020. There are also over 300 OpenStack-powered public cloud data centers worldwide, a 67% increase from the reported data centers just last year. This exponential growth is documented today in the summary report for the 2022 OpenStack User Survey, published by the Open Infrastructure Foundation (OpenInfra Foundation).


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The OpenStack user survey provides users an opportunity to influence the community and software direction through direct feedback and deployment questions. All analysis is anonymized and available here.

OpenInfra Foundation news

Airship: Elevate your infrastructure

  • Running or evaluating Airship? We want to hear from you! Take the brief User Survey to provide the community with feedback.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • It’s election season! Nominations for Architecture Committee chair positions have been submitted, now it’s time for your voice to be heard. Keep an eye on the kata-dev mailing list for announcements of when it’s time to vote.
  • Calling all mentors! If you would like to help guide the next generation of Kata Herders in Spring 2023, watch the kata-dev mailing list for the official call for mentors.
  • Kubecon US 2022 – Microsoft announces support for Kata Containers on Azure Kubernetes Service for isolation & pod sandboxing. Read more on the announcement here
  • Speaking of KubeCon, the call for proposals for KubeCon EU 2023 has been extended to November 18, 2022! Be sure you get your Kata Containers abstracts in before it’s too late. You won’t want to miss the on-site festivities!

OpenDev Collaboratory

  • Support for older Ansible 5 syntax in Zuul jobs was dropped, and the default nodeset for jobs not specifying their own has changed from ubuntu-focal to ubuntu-jammy. Please see the announcement for additional details.

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

  • Many community teams met at the virtual PTG last month. Summaries of those discussions and activities are being collected in this Superuser article. If you’ve posted one to the mailing list and don’t see it included yet, please reach out to the author.
  • Two new security notes (OSSN-0090 and OSSN-0091) were published, supplying operator guidance for Glance copy-on-write backends and about unsupported uses of the virtual baseboard management controller software Ironic relies on for testing.
  • The OpenStack 2023.1 (Antelope) development cycle is well under way, with the first milestone due November 17. This is the point in the schedule where projects are expected to have their overarching planning complete for the release, as well as the time when libraries get an initial round of new versions published.

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The community is currently running elections to (re)elect leadership positions such as 3 seats on the TSC and Project and Technical Leads of their project teams.
  • The community recently participated in the OpenInfra Project Teams Gathering (PTG) event. You can find notes and session recordings on the etherpad the community created for the event.
  • The StarlingX community is currently in the feature implementation phase of the 8.0 release cycle. The release is planned to come out in early Spring in 2023.

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • Zuul 7.1.0, 8.0.0 and 8.0.1 were released in recent weeks. In addition to updating the Ansible default to 6 and dropping support for Ansible 5 syntax, these releases add read-level access control for the REST API, semaphore details in the web dashboard, support for GitHub’s draft PR status and rebase merge-mode, as well as a few non-critical bug fixes.
  • Nodepool 8.0.0 was released, bringing a variety of improvements to Kubernetes, AWS and Azure drivers.

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