Learn about the growth trajectory of a former Superuser Awards winner and a major contributor to the open source community


VEXXHOST is a Canadian cloud computing provider with an impressive global presence and record. As a former Superuser Awards winner and a major contributor to the open source community, VEXXHOST’s growth trajectory is of keen interest to any member of the community. 

From small businesses to governments, VEXXHOST’s operations are spread over 150 countries. The company started as a web hosting provider in 2006 and later transitioned into cloud solutions. They adopted OpenStack for their cloud operations in 2011, coinciding with the platform’s second release, Bexar. VEXXHOST now offers OpenStack-based public cloud, private cloud, consulting, and other enterprise-grade cloud solutions. 

VEXXHOST recently announced a massive revamp in its public cloud offerings during its keynote address at the Open Infrastructure Summit 2020. There are some new and exciting developments, including a brand new Data Center in Amsterdam. The company says that the revamp is part of their new growth strategy, powered by their association with various open source foundations and communities. They are a reputed member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation, Linux Foundation, CNCF, and the Ceph Foundation, to name a few. 

With this revamp, VEXXHOST joins the range of community-driven companies evolving and growing strong even during these testing times (i.e., pandemic time). Without further delay, here’s what they have included in the cloud revamp. 

Amsterdam – New Region

The Amsterdam data center is VEXXHOST’s third region to date, the other two being Montreal and Santa Clara. VEXXHOST also manages several private cloud operations for different enterprises and organizations in various other parts of the world, in association with local data centers. The launch of the new region not only puts them physically in a different continent but also cements their global footprint.

The state-of-the-art data center used in Amsterdam provides unparalleled service in terms of connectivity, efficiency, server protection mechanisms,  security, and reliability. The facility is built to Uptime Institute Tier 3 standards, and has  PCI/SOC, and AMS-IX, and multiple ISO certifications. The Amsterdam data center also boasts of a multi-tier security system, 24×7 on-site support, high energy efficiency with green standards, advanced global connectivity via being linked to AMS-IX, among other features. 

Modified Public Cloud Pricing 

Another change that is part of the revamp is VEXXHOST’s new pricing strategy. The modified pricing is available to all new users as well as existing customers who make the switch to their latest solutions. 

According to VEXXHOST’s new introductory and limited-time pricing model, the hourly rate for a standard 2 core, 8 GB offering is just $0.055, compared to the market rate, which stands at $0.086. The difference between the current market rate and the new VEXXHOST rate is 36%. Higher core/memory offerings such as 4 core – 16 GB, 8 core – 32 GB, and 16 core – GB, will also carry proportionate price reduction.

This new pricing strategy couldn’t have come at a better time. Many businesses are facing a lot of challenges due to the pandemic situation and there is also a need for companies to find remote and cloud solutions to adapt to the rapid changes around. Getting users enterprise-grade cloud solutions at great pricing is beneficial not only for the parties involved but also for the overall community.

Montreal Region – 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™-powered Servers 

Next in VEXXHOST’s revamp is the addition of new servers equipped with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors for their Montreal region. Driven by AMD Infinity Architecture, these processors are the first x86 processor of their kind for servers based on 7nm process technology. Also boasting of a hybrid, multi-die architecture, they offer up to 64 high-performance cores per SOC and are equipped with AMD Infinity Guard and PCIe® Gen 4 I/O security features. 

The new AMD processors bring about significant change to VEXXHOST’s servers in better performance and secure computing, improving workload acceleration, data protection, and overall infrastructure to the users.

Montreal Region – Upgraded Storage from SSD to NVMe

VEXXHOST has upgraded storage from SSD to NVMe in their Montreal region, offering its public cloud users the fastest hard drive in the market. A major benefit available with this storage type is faster parallel read and write capabilities.  

NVMe drives can work at speeds of more than 2,000MB/s compared to the typical SATA III SSD running under 600MB/s. This is possible because of the interaction with flash memory, made through a PCIe interface. This interface is bi-directional and runs at a stellar speed. NVMe storage is also better in power-efficiency, reducing consumption by significant percentages in standby mode. NVMe is also a scalable alternative going beyond the four lanes found in most conventional PCIe SSDs. 

Moving forward, VEXXHOST has a lot planned in terms of cloud offerings to customers. If you would like to know more about the company and its extensive cloud solutions, check out VEXXHOST’s website.

Allison Price