Check out the highlights of the incredible 2022 Superuser Awards nominees that we have!


Who do you think should win the 2022 Superuser Awards? The annual Superuser Awards is to recognize organizations that have used open infrastructure to improve their business while contributing back to the community.

This year, the Superuser Awards winner will be announced at the OpenInfra Summit Berlin, June 7-9! Join the global community for its first in-person Summit in over two years and collaborate directly with the people building and running open source infrastructure using OpenStack, Kubernetes and 30+ other technologies. Get your Summit tickets before the price increases on May 17!

Check out highlights of the incredible 11 nominees that we have!

Ant Group

Ant Group is a financial technology company aiming to help everyone enjoy inclusive, sustainable financial services. In April 2022, Ant Group announced that it achieved carbon neutrality in 2021 by reducing 29,591.48 tons of CO2 emission with green computing technologies. One of the key technologies is to increase the efficiency of infrastructure by running heterogeneous workloads together and isolating them with Kata Containers.

Thanks to the strong isolation of Kata Containers, we can deploy online applications and batch jobs together on thousands of nodes without significant interference. By adopting Kata Containers and other related technologies, we have reduced half of the per-payment energy consumption in the recent Double-Eleven e-Shopping Festival, compared to three years ago.


By using OpenStack as our public and private cloud platform we reduced our cluster provisioning and service delivery to less than 24 hours and cut server and operation/maintenance costs by around 20%. Also by using Ceph as our SDS, we saved a considerable amount of financial resource for not using expensive licensed-based enterprise storage solutions. The reduction of cluster provisioning and implementation time to value us decreasing our time to market for opening-up new PoPs and faster utilization of the payed capital. We gained the highest flexibility to respond to our customers need by developing and the ability to easily integrated different services together just because using OSS. This infrastructure is also being used for our Container services product (our public PaaS service).


CanaryBit solution (Confidential Cloud PaaS) is intended to be Cloud agnostic.

However, thanks to Open Infrastructure and open-source projects we have been able to cope with complex multi-cloud integrations and support. This helped us reduce time to production from 72 hours to 4 hrs, keep the development scope small and support multiple customers based on their strict requirements on data compliance and data protection.

Our business is built from the very start on open infrastructure and this is reflected throughout our organisational culture. Reliance on open infrastructure allows us to easily scale in datacenters running OpenStack throughout the world.

Daniel Byström

He has arranged OpenInfra Forum meetups since September 24, 2015, in Oslo, and then he took the event with him, when he moved to Stockholm, continuing from September 14, 2017, in Stockholm until the most recent event on March 17, 2022.

He has arranged the events himself since the start, with kind help from different sponsors and speakers at every event.


Fairbanks supports OpenStack since 2012 and acquired 42on as a Ceph expert in 2019. As a global thought leader and Benelux Open Infrastructure ambassador we organized many events in the past and attended most summits. We share with our customers the conviction that open infrastructures are a driving force for innovation. Besides fully managed services, we support clients with Emergency Assistance, expert consultancy on a change by change basis and applied operations training. As our customers, we also value our independence and focus on the actual success they gain with OpenStack, Ceph and Kubernetes and like to operate as an extension of their own open infrastructure teams.


During the design process of the Inspur InCloud OS platform, the layered decoupling capability of the infrastructure was designed, and it was adopted the software-defined idea. Focusing on the systematic construction of the IaaS layer of the data center, based on the OpenStack computing standard framework, a set of low-coupling and high-cohesion cloud platform technology system has been constructed for the “Nongfa Zhiyun” project. InCloud OS presents capabilities including microservices, containers, DevOps and more with a unified service catalog, realized the hierarchical decoupling of physical devices and software platforms, and the cohesion of services and management capabilities.

IT Team of Jiangsu Suzhong Construction Group Co., Ltd

Exclusive cloud platform based on OpenStack virtualization technology: Instead of using traditional servers and storage devices, Suzhong Construction Group deploys the business system on the cloud, and all data is stored on the cloud, which reduces hardware procurement costs significantly. The way of the resource scheduling and use has been optimized comprehensively. Cloud offerings can be commissioned quickly and launched in the production environment. The business can be launched out of the box and can be scaled flexibly, so that resources can be utilized effectively. Overall application delivery time is reduced by 40%, the operation and maintenance cost is reduced by 55%, and the cloud data is stored in multiple copies, ensuring the data reliability greatly.

IT Team, Zhejiang Expressway Co., Ltd

ArcherOS HCI is used to replace the deployment architecture based on physical servers, which increases the availability, performance and agility, while simplifying the operation management. Hundreds of distributed HCI systems are managed through private cloud management platform to create an edge cloud covering the whole province, and the automation, resource lifecycle management and unified operation monitoring capabilities of private cloud are brought to the operation and management practices.


For us, it’s more about enabling others to transform their business. Our mission is to make OpenStack more accessible, allowing smaller teams to leverage OpenStack against the increasing need for Cloud. We have automated deployments of full OpenStack and Ceph hyper-converged clouds to deliver on-demand private cloud in 45 seconds. Companies that couldn’t afford the startup expense or time to spin up an OpenStack can now get their own cloud in the time it takes to get a VM from a public cloud provider. Our hope is that this new accessibility to OpenStack is transformative for all who have wished to be in OpenStack but couldn’t cross the barriers that existed before. Today, we are scaling our hardware, data centers, and sales staff to keep up with demand that is outpacing expectations.


With large scale and a multi-tenant environment came challenges : first in 2012 with storage. We were able to finely tune OpenStack Swift to embrace our specific industrialization processes. The resulting offer called hubiC quickly reached 1 million customers.

For compute resources, the Network layer, the East-West traffic, the Regions, and so on. we applied the same recipe of fine tuning and redesigning pieces of the stack. This allowed us to innovate and grow faster, now across 4 continents.

Moreover, the open infrastructure deeply echoed with one of the main OVHcloud core value: Freedom. Freedom for our customers to move freely out of our platform with a guaranteed interoperability, Freedom from an open standard that can guarantee technological sovereignty.

Volvo Cars

Faster integration of rebuilds from weeks to days, Gating as default with increased quality for all application code in Volvo Cars new Core computer (where there are decent pipelines in Zuul).

Zuul is the default CI system in Volvo Cars Corporation when it comes to the code in the car.