Magma Developers, System Integrators, and users are gathering on February 3 to discuss how the open source mobile core network community is collaborating to improve global connectivity.


The Magma open source community is joining the world of virtual conferences next week with their Magma Developer Conference on February 3. Hundreds of developers, system integrators, engineers, and end users are expected to attend and discuss the technical roadmap as well as how Magma is already connecting people in production.

Magma is an open-source software platform that delivers an open, flexible and extendable mobile network core solution. Magma’s mission is to connect the world to a faster network by enabling service providers to build cost-effective and extensible carrier-grade networks. It is designed to be access network agnostic (4G, 5G or WiFi), flexibly supporting a radio access network with minimal development and deployment effort. The 1.4 release is scheduled for later this week, so at the Developer Conference, you can learn more about the newest features and what you can expect from upcoming releases on the project roadmap.

To highlight the potential of running Magma in production, case studies will be presented by Baicells and MuralNet—whose user story may sound familiar if you attended the OpenInfra Summit keynotes in October 2020. I’ve also heard that the 5G fixed wireless access demo will be something worth tuning in for. Below is a sneak peek of what you can expect.

To participate, you can register for free, and I encourage you to join the Magma community Slack and the #magma-dev-conf channel in particular so you can chat with other attendees. The conversation will also occur on Twitter around #MagmaDevConf.

If you want to learn more about the open source community, how you can get involved, and if it is a good network solution for your organization, join us!

Allison Price