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Networking is complex, and Neutron is one of the most difficult parts of OpenStack to scale. In this episode of the Large Scale OpenStack segment, we explored early architectural choices you can make, recommended drivers, features to avoid if your ultimate goal is to scale to a very large deployment. Watch as OpenStack developers and operators share their Neutron scaling best practices.

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Due to its popular demand, the OpenStack Large Scale SIG is back organizing another OpenInfra Live episode with several OpenStack operators of large scale deployment, discussing different approaches to confront various operation challenges. Thierry Carrez, Vice President of Engineering at the OpenInfra Foundation and one of the chairs of the OpenStack Large Scale SIG, kicked off this episode about Neutron scaling best practices.

Questions for the panel:

The speakers in today’s panel include:

  • Ibrahim Derraz, site reliability engineer at Exaion who drove the discussion
  • David Comay, senior cloud engineer at Bloomberg
  • Lajos Katona, master developer at Ericsson and current OpenStack Neutron Project Team Lead (PTL)
  • Sławomir Kapłoński, principal software engineer at Red Hat and previous Neutron PTL
  • Michal Nasiadka, senior technical lead at StackHPC, Kolla Ansible PTL
  • Mohammed Naser, CEO at VEXXHOST and OpenStack technical member

Derraz asked a series of questions to the panelists about early architectural choices other users made, recommended drivers, features to avoid if the users ultimate goal is to scale to a very large deployment:

Architecture Choices:

Hardware and Performance Considerations:

Neutron in Production:

After the lively discussion on the architecture choices, hardware and performance considerations and Neutron in production, we received a few questions from the live audience:

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