OpenInfra release updates, user stories, community meetings, and more streamed live!


OpenInfra Live is a weekly hour-long interactive content series streaming to the OpenInfra YouTube channel every Thursday at 14:00 UTC (9 AM CT).

Since being kicked off on April 15th, 2021, OpenInfra Live has featured a Community meeting on the Wallaby release, a behind-the-scenes look at the OpenStack Technical Committee meeting from the Project Teams Gathering, as well as an OpenInfra Project Teams Gathering Recap. Upcoming episodes of OpenInfra Live include more OpenInfra release updates, user stories, community meetings, and more open infrastructure stories. Here are some upcoming episodes to get excited about:

  • May 6th: The Future of the Network Depends on Open Infrastructure
    • Martin Casado, Bruce Davie and Amar Padmanabhan join Jonathan Bryce and Mark Collier to discuss the opportunities around connecting the globe, including leveraging open source technologies like Magma, software-based RAN and OpenStack.
  • May 13th: Large Scale SIG
  • May 20th: The StarlingX 5.0 Release
  • May 27th: Zuul in Production User Story

If you have any topics you would like to propose for an upcoming episode, please share your ideas with us!

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Thank you to the global community’s support as we have explored virtual event configurations to find the best way for our contributors to meet, exchange ideas, and build open source software that runs in production.