Companies will leverage StarlingX to capitalize on opportunities enabled by distributed edge clouds, including connected vehicles, augmented reality, telemedicine and drones.


As the telecom industry pushes beyond traditional functions, it will look to the edge to provide new business opportunities.

That’s where StarlingX, a fully featured and high performance edge cloud software stack, comes in says Glenn Sieler, vice president of open source strategy at Wind River, in a post on RCR Wireless News. (Wind River is contributing technology from Wind River Titanium Cloud, a virtualization software platform, to StarlingX.)

“Some examples of telecom-oriented edge-hosted applications and functions that are generating wide interest are multi-access edge computing or MEC (video caching, AR/VR, retail and more), uCPE, vCPE, and vRAN. For example, by bringing content and applications to mini-data centers in the radio access network (RAN), MEC allows service providers to introduce new types of services that are unachievable with cloud-hosted architectures because of latency or bandwidth constraints. The service provider opportunity is to enable new services directly at the point of the consumer at location-based, high-density venues such as stadium events and shopping malls,” Sieler writes.

Virtualization is another cost-cutting buzzword that comes into play with StarlingX, in this case with radio access network (RAN.) By leveraging standard server hardware that cost-effectively scales processor, memory and I/O resources based on changes in demand, vRAN infuses RAN with the capacity for application intelligence, significantly improving service quality and reliability, Sieler notes. With vRAN, service providers can achieve a combination of cost savings, dynamic capacity scaling, better quality of experience and rapid instantiation of new services.

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