Liveperson supports 100% of their services with OpenStack. Learn how in this slideshare.


This presentation was originally posted on SlideShare . Koby Holzer is Director of Cloud and Deployment DevOps at Liveperson. Holzer has 14 years of experience and expertise working with Linux and Open source projects.You should follow him on Twitter.

For more, hear from Holzer himself in Liveperson’s user story video:

Liveperson’s mission is to create meaningful connections to customers using their rich multimedia platform. WIth live engagement SaaS, they’re able to help customers reduce bounces and increase sales. They currently have 8,500 customers, with 8 out of 10 from the Fortune 500.

3 years ago, they decided to virtualize as much as possible and after considering a few options decided upon OpenStack. They started small, but in time built up their confidence. Having Puppet implemented in LivePerson helped a lot.

They are continuing to grow, with OpenStack running all of their services. Their plan and infrastructure roadmap is based around OpenStack, and they look forward to utilizing new features and improving every day.

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