This project is responsible for the technical realization of the OPNFV Verified Program (OVP) and acts as a technical baseline for other compliance verification projects.


The OPNFV Verified Program is a new compliance program targeting the validation of API compliance and behavioral characteristics of a NFVI platform.

The program leverages test cases written both in OPNFV itself as well as test cases available in upstream communities. Within the OPNFV community, the Dovetail project is working on the technical realization of the program by creating a test tool, selecting test cases and engaging with the OPNFV community and upstream communities to establish new test cases.

Georg Kunz (project technical lead for Dovetail and senior systems designer at Ericsson) and Tim Irnich (technical steering chair at OPNFV, also at Ericsson) offered up an overview of the OPNFV Verified Program (OVP for short) at the OpenStack Summit Vancouver.

OVP’s goal is to verify that commercial NFVI solutions expose the same APIs but also behaviors and characteristics — validating that if you send a command to one of the APIs, it  returns the expected response and checking whether the underlying system behaves in the expected way and how well it works.  “Both vendors and operators today have to spend a lot of effort in making sure that what they have bought from a vendor actually does what the vendor promised,” says Irnich.

The pair also showed how Dovetail ties into the overall test ecosystem and leverages OPNFV and upstream test tools. They offered a live demo on the compliance portal and walk you through how to submit something for compliance verification if you want to check it out.

Get involved

Kunz and Inrich said they hoped to spark more discussions in the community about closing gaps in test coverage, test strategy and how to join forces across communities. To find out more about Dovetail, check out the user guide, documentation, Git page or jump in on a weekly meeting on IRC.

Catch the whole 40-minute talk below or take a look at slides from the presentation.

Photo // CC BY NC