“Running containers in production requires something more sophisticated,” says David Aronchick, manager at Google Container Engine.


SuperuserTV talks to David Aronchick, senior product manager for the Google Container Engine and lead product management on behalf of Google for Kubernetes.

“Running containers is easy but when it comes to running containers in production you need something more sophisticated. That’s what Kubernetes is designed to do – provide a way to run containers across many thousands of containers simultaneously,” Aronchick says, adding that n the “box” it includes all the necessary components to run in production at scale including — monitoring, logging, deploying, orchestration etc.

Aronchick also talks about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the Open Container Initiative and Kubernetes day at the Summit – including why he likes when people stop talking about Kubernetes.

He also offers tips on how to ramp up on Kubernetes. Starting with  kubernetes.io and  the GitHub repository. “From there you’ll find an absolute litany of various ways to engage — Slack channels, email lists, Twitter accounts,” Aronchick says. “The entire community is out there listening and trying to make things better.”
You can catch the entire 4:30 interview below.