Nominate your unsung heroes for the spotlight!


So many folks work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the community great, whether they’re fixing bugs, contributing code, helping newbies on IRC or just making everyone laugh at the right moment.

Now these quirky honors are open to anyone involved in Airship, Kata Containers, OpenStack, StarlingX and Zuul.

You can help them get recognized (with a very shiny medal!) by nominating them for the next Contributor Awards given out at the upcoming Berlin Summit.

Winners in previous editions included the “Duct Tape” award and the “Don’t Stop Believin’ Cup,” shining a light on the extremely valuable work that makes the larger community excel.

There are so many different areas worthy of celebration, but there are a few kinds of community members who deserve a little extra love:

  • They are undervalued
  • They don’t know they are appreciated
  • They bind the community together
  • They keep it fun
  • They challenge the norm
  • Other: (write-in)

As in previous editions, rather than starting with a defined set of awards the community is asked to submit names.

The OSF community team then has a little bit of fun on the back end, massaging the award titles to devise something worthy of their underappreciated efforts.

Get your nominations in today!

Photo // CC BY NC