The StarlingX community is celebrating the project’s 5th anniversary at the OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver, CA, on June 13-15!


Hi everyone! I’m Ildikó Váncsa, director of community at the OpenInfra Foundation. As part of my role, I am the community manager for the StarlingX project.

The StarlingX community is celebrating the project’s 5th anniversary this year! The project was announced five years ago in Vancouver, CA, which makes me feel very excited about the upcoming OpenInfra Summit in the same city, on June 13 – 15! The conference will provide a lot of opportunities to learn more about the project and meet the community at one of their sessions or at the Project Teams Gathering (PTG) co-located event.

Where to Find the StarlingX Community at the OpenInfra Summit

Below I have collected some presentations to add to your schedule if you’d like to get up to speed regarding new features and use cases:

If you would like to get your hands dirty and learn how to deploy, configure and use the StarlingX platform, make sure to RSVP to the StarlingX Hands-on Workshop.

Let’s Get Collaborating

StarlingX is a project that can be used in large data centers and at the edge of the network as well. If you are interested in talking about edge in a broader context, make sure to attend the ‘So, we talked a lot about edge computing… Can we get practical now?’ Forum session!

As an evangelist of open collaboration, I am using my experience to help individuals, companies and organizations to learn and get more involved and active in open source communities every day. I added the ‘So you know what open source is. Or do you?!’ Forum session to my schedule, because it introduces a new initiative, called community blueprint, that is focusing on identifying and addressing challenges in the current, rapidly growing open source ecosystem. I cannot wait to be at the session and discuss these topics and share experiences with like-minded people. I hope you will be one of them!

There are so many more exciting topics and presentations on the OpenInfra Summit schedule that I can’t wait to see and talk about. I’m impatient to see and mingle with people who I already know from the OpenInfra ecosystem and make new connections! I hope to see you there!