StarlingX — the open source distributed cloud platform optimized for low-latency and high-performance applications — is turning five this year.


StarlingX — the open source distributed cloud platform optimized for low-latency and high-performance applications — is turning five this year. In fact, the project was announced on the keynote stage in Vancouver, BC, Canada five years ago. The community will gather in the same city, during the OpenInfra Summit on June 13-15 to recognize this milestone and celebrate. The project has come a long way since 2018, and the community will present, discuss and evaluate the progress they made, and look into the roadmap and plans for the next five years at the conference.

A few highlights to mention:

  • StarlingX is an implementation of the LOKI stack, as it creates a fusion between well-known open source projects including the Linux kernel, OpenStack and Kubernetes.
  • StarlingX use cases continue to expand across industries, from telecommunications to transportation.
  • Encora joins as OpenInfra Foundation Silver Member and StarlingX contributor.

The OpenInfra Summit brings a lot of StarlingX-focused sessions and activities to help you learn more about the project and get in touch with the community.

Conference sessions to look out for include:

  • StarlingX: Next generation security with Zero Trust architecture
  • StarlingX at scale – Infrastructure management of 10s of 1000s of geographically distributed clouds
  • StarlingX: Next generation infrastructure for cloud native
  • Enabling the Intelligent Edge with StarlingX
  • StarlingX Evolution – New Deployment Architectures
  • Power Efficiency in vRAN and Open RAN Deployments: Arm and StarlingX Collaboration
  • Revealing StarlingX Project Dashboards: Insights celebrating the project’s 5-year anniversary
  • StarlingX: Using OSTree Atomic Updates to Drastically Reduce Outage Times for Upgrades of Remote Single-Server Edge Clouds
  • From Legacy to Agility: Why stx-openstack and Containers are the Key to Modernizing your IT Infrastructure
  • Using enclave technology to help secure secrets in a distributed world
  • A private 5G campus network enabled and powered by OpenStack and StarlingX

If you would like to learn more about how to deploy and configure StarlingX, make sure to sign up for the StarlingX Hands-on Workshop.

If you are already using or evaluating StarlingX, or have a use case that the project would be great for, make sure you add the StarlingX in the Field – Bring Your Use Case Forum session to your event agenda. This is an interactive session where users and developers of the project get together to discuss use cases, gather feedback about the project and evaluate new ideas and priorities for the project’s roadmap.

The StarlingX community will also participate in the in-person Project Teams Gathering (PTG), to have more in-depth technical discussions about the project. Their session is currently scheduled for Wednesday (June 14) at 2:30 pm. As the schedule might change, please check the event’s agenda for any last-minute updates.

Last, but not least, the community will have an informal gathering on Wednesday, after conference hours, to celebrate the project’s 5th anniversary. Please RSVP to the event, if you would like to join and mingle with members of the community and the project’s ecosystem.

Register here to learn more about the StarlingX community and attend the OpenInfra Summit on June 13-15 at the Vancouver Convention Centre!