Tom Fifield, community manager at the OpenStack Foundation, shares what to expect from next week’s ops sessions and where to find them on the summit schedule.


Operators, welcome to Austin!

I’m delighted to describe some of the exciting activities that you can participate in this week. That’s right – the whole week has something for you ūüôā

We start on Monday with the flagship event the Ops Summit.

The Ops Summit is a day comprised of collaborative working sessions for people who are operating OpenStack clouds (and the contributors who want to hear from them.) The purpose is to share knowledge and best practices among cloud operators, as well as provide feedback based on experience running OpenStack. There are no formal presentations and a moderate level of knowledge around running OpenStack is assumed.

We’ll be discussing what went well in Liberty and Mitaka (and upgrades), working out what should go in a new version of the OpenStack Operations Guide, and getting deep into running containers on OpenStack and OpenStack on containers.

The working groups, like the Large Deployments Team, OSOps, Ops Tags Team and the Scientific Working Group will be having their working sessions, as well as an important meeting for non-ATC recognition.

As usual, there’ll be the lightning talks aimed at sharing architectures and interesting deployment tips.

Beyond Monday, there are a number of Fishbowl and Working sessions in which to participate. Here’s a quick list:
‚óŹScientific WG

‚óŹUser Committee
‚óŹLarge Deployment Team
‚óŹDesignate: Talk to the Devs
‚óŹHorizon: Operator / Plugin Feedback
‚óŹSwift: Ops Feedback

‚óŹNeutron: User feedback track: health checking and troubleshooting
‚óŹNeutron: User feedback track: end user and operator pain points

After the successful impromptu informal meetup in Tokyo, we will have a room reserved on Friday for unstructured discussions from 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Turn up to Salon E and see what happens.

Make sure to stick around for the Summit feedback and Community Contributor Awards session on Friday lunch!