Community manager Tom Fifield breaks down the week for cloud operators.


OpenStack Ops, welcome to Barcelona!

We start on Tuesday with the flagship event the Ops Summit.

The Ops Summit is a day comprised of collaborative working sessions for people who are operating OpenStack clouds (and the contributors who want to hear from them.) The purpose is to share knowledge and best practices among cloud operators, as well as provide feedback based on experience running OpenStack. There are no formal presentations and a moderate level of knowledge around running OpenStack is assumed.

Oh, and, in case you missed it – this summit the lightning talks are found in the Ops War Stories track.

The latter part of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday is time for Cross Project Workshops. These are sessions to discuss wide-ranging issues that affect multiple OpenStack projects (eg moving to Python 3, or cross-service communications). They are developer-led, but ops feedback is quite welcome!

Beyond Tuesday, there are a number of Working Group and developer feedback sessions you should consider joining. Here’s a quick list:

Of course, don’t feel afraid to join in any of the design summit sessions

To wrap up the week, on Friday we will have a room reserved for unstructured ops discussions from 2 p.m.–6:10 p.m. Turn up to the aptly named Salon Barcelona and see what happens – despite having no agenda it’s normally one of the best sessions of the week!

Just before that, at lunch time is the Community Contributor Awards and feedback session.


NB – if it’s your first summit, you should probably attend the Design Summit 101.