In this week’s news: Alan Clark on why there will never be a “king” of OpenStack, analysis of Swift’s new storage policies, the end to the latest book sprint, and more.


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Just drop your fantasy of a king of OpenStack — there won’t ever be one

By: Alan Clark

Alan Clark topples the idea that there is or could ever be a "leader" of OpenStack.

##[Here’s what Swift’s ‘most significant update’ brings to OpenStack](
By: Maria Deutscher

SiliconAngle details Swift’s latest feature — storage policies — and suggests that Swift is big step closer to production readiness.

##[Fujitsu, Midokura Partner on OpenStack SDN Solution](
By: Jeffrey Burt

Fujitsu and Midokura are working together to make it easier for enterprises to build private clouds with an offering built on OpenStack.

##[Red hat moves forward with new OpenStack reslease](
By: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Red Hat just released its Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5, based on Icehouse.

>*”I would like to call out to the openstack community to be the first community to change the way that open source communities work and start changes which would open doors to non coders to contribute and integrate in the community.”* — from [DronOpenStack](

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