This week at KubeCon North America, get plugged in to collaborative initiatives between the OpenStack and Kubernetes communities.


When it comes to building a thriving, healthy environment, collaboration is the key to success. In an open source software community, this may include the coordination among thousands of developers.

While working together across open source communities goes way back, the OpenStack Foundation has been spearheading efforts to extend the work of its community and enable them to better collaborate with others. Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation has said that this request is really from OpenStack end users who rely on different open source technologies to deliver business value to their organizations.

Collaboration was also a theme at the recent Open Source Summit, where Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation echoed Bryce’s sentiment on collaboration saying that the ecosystem must collaborate in order to meet the explosive growth of open source adoption.

This week at KubeCon North America, there are several opportunities to not only learn how you can integrate OpenStack with Kubernetes, but also how you can get more plugged into groups who are focused on the cross-community collaboration between the two communities.

The OpenStack special interest group (SIG) coordinates improvements to and documentation of the OpenStack cloud provider implementation in Kubernetes as well as supporting efforts to deploy OpenStack itself using Kubernetes. Chris Hoge and Stephen Gordon will provide a SIG OpenStack update on Thursday afternoon and on Friday afternoon, they will lead a deep dive discussion to openly collaborate on the SIG’s future plans. 

Another session discussing the integration of OpenStack and Kubernetes will be a demo led by John Griffith, who first took the stage at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona to demo how to containerize Cinder. At KubeCon, Griffith will demonstrate a simplified deployment architecture by integrating Containerized standalone Cinder services with bare metal Kubernetes.

Want to get involved? You’ll find OpenStack in the sponsor expo at booth G16 and stop by one of the SIG sessions to start collaborating.

Cover photo CC BY NC

Allison Price