Spinning plates, core work and Mirantis ships 7.0 in this week’s roundup.


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In case you missed it

Managing DevOps in the hybrid cloud is like spinning plates. With meals on them.

From the Register:

IBM, for example, offers Urbancode Deploy, a platform for managing the deployment of applications across different infrastructure platforms…UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns takes this one step further, providing application deployment blueprints to map applications and configurations to different physical or cloud environments…

The Patterns product supports templates from the OpenStack project to help define these standard mappings. OpenStack Heat templates describe the infrastructure for cloud applications in a text file that is both human and machine-readable. Heat is becoming a de facto standard for hybrid cloud deployment templates, and in turn supports Amazon Web Services’ CloudFormation template format.

Issues for OpenStack

If you want strength, work on your core, says OpenStack Foundation board member and DreamHost CEO Simon Anderson in a nod to the tussles over interoperability.

"Many global tech companies naming OpenStack as core to their plans five or ten years into the future. There’s an absolute need out there to get past the legacy holdbacks and product development and management slowdown that results from ‘overly proprietary’ hardware and software, especially in delivering efficient and instantly available cloud computing resources, and OpenStack will continue working diligently to meet that demand," he writes in an op-ed at DataCenter Dynamics.

UK bioinformatics team builds research-sharing cloud on OpenStack

Genomics researchers must replicate the hardware and software environment of bioinformatic data analysis to reproduce results – which is where cloud can help, writes Cliff Saran in Computer Weekly UK.

Industry watch

Mirantis ships OpenStack version 7.0
This version of OpenStack includes support for writing richer Fuel deployment plug-ins. This is also the first version of Mirantis OpenStack to enable the deployment of multiple Hadoop and Spark clusters in parallel through new Sahara features.

Mirantis’ new version of OpenStack is good for Mirantis, not so good for the OpenStack story

"People have pointed to the relative instability and immaturity of OpenStack as a cause for concern. While recent releases have seemed more stable, and production deployments of OpenStack are now a common occurrence, there is still a degree of uncertainty about OpenStack’s readiness for prime time," says technology investor and commentator Ben Kepes.

SDN start-up PLUMgrid opens up on OpenStack

Version 4.0 of PLUMgrid’s Open Networking Suite (ONS) for OpenStack supports multiple OpenStack distributions, Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) plugins, high availability and dynamic Tunnel Heatmap for improved visibility into physical and virtual layers,” writes Jim Duffy at Network World.

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