Pundits say complexity and a “science project” reputation hinder OpenStack adoption and more in this week’s recap.


Here’s the news from the OpenStack world you won’t want to miss — the musings, polemics and questions posed by the larger community.

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In case you missed it

OpenStack complexity creates limited appeal, says Canonical execs

"OpenStack is a complex thing because it’s a framework that is set to replace or compliment your network. Your storage, your computing, your network, your data centre is comprised of storage, computing and network and OpenStack is a framework that encompasses all those things,” says Mark Baker, Ubuntu server product manager, Canonical.

OpenStack Silicon Valley 2015 videos
If you missed OpenStack Silicon Valley, now you can catch many of the talks on video thanks to hosts Mirantis…Held over two days, speakers discussed the latest in OpenStack technologies, from containers to tools.

Fixing the OpenStack Summit Submission Process

In this lengthy article that sounds out many voices from the community, Mirantis development manager Dmitry Borodaenko outlines six steps to change the current process.

Industry watch

OpenStack Is Now Ready For Business

"OpenStack, has a reputation as a bit of a science project; technologically interesting, fine for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, but not something that normal companies are going to depend upon for anything serious or important. That reputation, although possibly justifiable a year or two back, really doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny anymore," writes Forrester analyst Paul Miller.

Rackspace and Intel Open the OpenStack Innovation Center
“We are going to make this the launching pad to make OpenStack and the entire cloud available to everyone in the industry,” said Imad Sousou, vice president of the software and services group and general manager of Intel Open Source Technology Center.

“And, yes, we’re hiring,” he added in this story from Silicon Hills News.

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