Intelemage has taken deployment time down to seconds since implementing their OpenStack solution.


Intelemage is the global leader in medical image sharing solutions. Intelemageā€™s flagship platform, inteleGRID, is currently in use in over 65 countries spanning more than 4,000 locations. Since 2007, Intelemage has been the hub between medical devices and pharmaceutical companies, physicians, hospitals, and research centers providing real-time medical image access and collaboration.

Need for Security and Scalability

As their customer base grew, Intelemage Co-founder and CTO, John Danner, recognized a need to replace their VMware ESXi environment with a more scalable, automated, and secure infrastructure that could better support their growth. The company already had a storage platform that could scale out easily and wanted to replicate that solution in their datacenter environment.

To this end, they identified the OpenStack cloud platform as a way to achieve their goals while avoiding the proprietary features and functionality that come with vendor lock-in. Before making a final decision, Intelemage evaluated several vendors, ultimately, choosing Piston Cloud Computing to provide the solution.

Taking Deployment Time Down to Seconds

Since implementing an OpenStack solution, Intelemage has saved several hours on its deployment activities, which has increased engineering productivity. Prior, Intelemage spent too much time building servers , applying patches, and doing other deployment-related exercises. With Piston OpenStackā„¢, Intelemage is able to automate all build-out and deployment activities, taking deployment times down to seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Time to deploy and provide services to customers reduced by 90%
  • 99% of cloud orchestration tasks automated
  • On premise private cloud security
  • Visibility into underlying cloud hardware

As a result, Intelemage can get new services up and running more quickly, add capacity faster and respond to requests sooner, in an easier, more straightforward and structured way. Moving forward, Intelemage expects that these benefits will help the company expand usage on its platform as they grow their business, which is critical to their success.

Photo by clintjcl / CC BY