It’s your turn to design the shirts on our back! Also in this week’s round-up, PayPal powers its private cloud with OpenStack, CERN’s Tim Bell gets to the core of matters and more.


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In Case You Missed It

PayPal’s Sri Shivananda shared the company’s latest milestone on the [PayPal blog]( PayPal has converted nearly 100 percent of its traffic serving web/application program interface apps and mid-tier services to run on its OpenStack-based private cloud. “OpenStack has been a key choice in our journey to drive agility and operational efficiencies,” says Shivananda. "In leveraging open source technology, it’s important that we engage with the community. We’re doing so as an active contributor to several OpenStack projects"

HP Helion’s Stephen Walli gives a great account as to why OpenStack is different from other open source projects. "Openstack is going through forced growth in a time frame that is a 20%-25% of the time of other large-scale successful open source-licensed infrastructure projects. Openstack continues to demonstrate enormous growth and participation," notes Walli.

The 2015 OpenStack T-Shirt Design Contest is live! You have until April 17, 2015 to submit a sketch of your design. The winning design will be featured on t-shirts to be given out at upcoming OpenStack events and the new online store.

What do women in tech need and how can male allies help? Rackspace’s Anne Gentle offers six ideas from her own experiences, including being that friendly colleague at meetups.

Not all cores are equal, according to Tim Bell. The CERN OpenStack cloud team provides hints and tips for benchmarking in this blog post.

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