Heading to the Vancouver Summit, a technology layer cake and the scramble for IP addresses…


Here’s the news from the OpenStack world you won’t want to miss — the musings, polemics and questions posed by the larger community.

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In Case You Missed It

This week the news is all about food. Well, sort of. OpenStack Individual Board Member Russell Bryant offers up the piquant idea of an An EZ Bake OVN for OpenStack and shows you how to make your own with DevStack.

In a post about breaking down resistance to OpenStack, Walter Bentley provides the recipe for some tasty arguments.
"I can remember very vividly holding index cards in my hands with bullet points, as I was attempting to lay out all the reasons why OpenStack should be the company’s next major infrastructure shift," Bentley writes at the Rackspace Developer Blog. "Being prepared for this converstion is critical to the overall enterprises architecture, so you need to articulate clearly why OpenStack is the best choice. You can never be too prepared. There will always be questions that you as a technology advocate, will not even think of. In my opinion, being prepared is key. So let’s start on our technology layer cake."

The always sharp Barb Darrow at Fortune has the goods on the latest OpenStack and Mirantis partnership."This new deal focuses on the latest Oracle 12c “multitenant” database, available since last summer, which enables companies to pack a bunch of database workloads onto a single machine, like Oracle’s Exadata server for workload consolidation."

Dan Radez of Trystack and "gear selfie" fame has written a book titled "OpenStack Essentials." Available for pre-order, it’s aimed at those who have "a little knowledge and want to keep learning." We’ll be following up with Radez to find out more about it, so stay tuned…

For this week’s 30,000-foot view, the Wall Street Journal is predicting a drought of IP addresses that will dry out business for cloud companies…

"The shortage puts companies that maintain their own large and growing Internet presence at the biggest risk, especially providers of cloud-computing services. Such companies could find themselves saddled with unexpected costs, technical problems or simply an inability to serve new customers. Those that aren’t building out their own data centers won’t face the shortage directly, but their online providers likely will."

For the "um, yeah, obvs" post of the week: "OpenStack Doesn’t Come for Free," says Caroline Chappell, Principal Analyst, Cloud & NFV, in a post sponsored by Alcatel Lucent. "OpenStack has tremendous momentum behind it as the fastest-growing open source project in history…Yet market misunderstanding of open source software in general, and OpenStack in particular, threatens to slow NFV adoption."




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