Playing peek-a-boo with search terms, OpenStack birthday celebrations and Godzilla…


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In Case You Missed It

In our favorite headline of the week, Japan’s NTT whips out OpenStack cannon at cloud Godzilla AWS,The Register opines: "NTT joined the OpenStack Foundation in May, pledging to use the open-source cloud architecture to strengthen its own public-cloud service. NTT is a hero among OpenStackers for being an early champion and adopter of their religion. In February, NTT announced Elastic Service Infrastucture (ESI), putting OpenStack on Juniper gear."

In a post titled Writing your first OpenStack application, OpenStack’s Tom Fifield offers a handy guide aimed at software developers who want to build applications on OpenStack clouds and also shares some best practices for cloud application development.

Peek-a-boo, I see you! Larry Lang, president and CEO at PLUMgrid Inc., did some noodling around with Google Trends to discover that OpenStack leads in search interest. "Judging by interest shown via Google searches, OpenStack is running away from the pack…OpenStack has a long way to go, but it’s even gaining on VMware."
Try it for yourself using Google Search Trends. We couldn’t resist plugging media darling Docker in there – the results are eye-opening.

Rob Hirschfeld, OpenStack individual board member and founder/CEO at startup RackN, also has Docker on the brain…"If OpenStack is a leading indicator, we can expect to see vendor battlegrounds forming around networking and storage. Docker (the company) has a chance to show leadership and build community here yet could cause harm by giving up the arbitrator role be a contender instead," he writes in a post about Docker’s community landscape.

Speaking of community, as OpenStack’s birthday celebration nears, here’s where to find a party near you, wherever you are, from Atlanta to Turkey.

Looking forward to the Tokyo Summit? Here’s the first in a series of posts to help get you there. Japan exempts 67 countries from requiring a visa, but if you need one, here’s what you need to know.

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