Whether you shouldn’t touch OpenStack with a barge pole, Kubernetes integration, what hiring managers want and more…


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In Case You Missed It

David Fishman of Mirantis calls OpenStack the "cool kid on the block," in his provocative piece "Eight reasons not to touch OpenStack with a barge pole, " or maybe you don’t need that barge pole after all…

If you do decide to deploy OpenStack, check out this report from GigaOm research on how to make it a success.

"Just one of the things, to me, open source is not about the money side of it, right? A lot of people think, ‘Oh, it’s free software!’ It’s not free software," says OpenStack individual board member Rob Hirschfeld in an interview with NetworkWorld. "There’s investment and learning and operational things and a lot of times people buy software support from a vendor. It’s really about control and transparency."

Interested in getting a job thanks to your mad OpenStack skills? Check out this Reddit thread on what hiring managers are looking for.

And, if you’re interested in learning more about Database-as-a-Service and the OpenStack Trove Project, Tesora has put up a 40-minute webinar with slides to get you started. Or check out their free March 3 webinar on Getting Started with Hosted OpenStack.

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