OpenStack explained to teens, the architecture of Alanis Morisette, and yes, everything you know is wrong…


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Our favorite headline of the week once again goes to The Register with: "Everything you know about OpenStack is wrong."

If you’re not new to OpenStack, a lot of it will sound familiar — but if you’re newer, or need to convince your boss to think different, take a look.

"OpenStack is different. OpenStack isn’t a piece of software. It’s eleventy squillion. It’s not a piece of hardware; it’s thousands…OpenStack is not a cloud. It is not a project or a product. It is not a virtualization system or an API or a user interface or a set of standards. OpenStack is all of these things and more…OpenStack may fail. OpenStack may succeed. Either way, it will change how we manage change in our data centres forever."

Also on the light side, this comic send-up of OpenStack architecture by Cube Drone, complete with Alanis Morisette references. If it doesn’t make your beverage of choice come out your nose, nothing will.

In other news, Chris Kemp finds the silver lining in Nebula’s downfall — he’s now advising cloud startups. Barb Darrow over at Fortune has the story.

What kind of pitfalls does Kemp see?

“The biggest problem was that application or workload owners that had cloud native applications were building them on public clouds and did not see their IT departments as credible suppliers of alternatives to Amazon AMZN Web Services, even if they had infrastructure-as-a-service offerings—or had already purchased a Nebula, for example.” Kemp told Darrow via email.

Other news this week: Mirantis launches unlocked appliances. For some context, check out what Paul Miller (cloud analyst extraordinaire) has to say about it on Forbes.

"Mirantis Unlocked Appliances are single or multi-rack converged infrastructure appliances, delivered as a flexible turnkey OpenStack deployment, and pre-validated by Mirantis and pre-integrated by Certified Rack Partners. But an OpenStack Appliance? I just don’t get it. Even though it’s from Mirantis, a company that has consistently made the smart moves in the OpenStack space. They’ll probably sell a few, but I doubt this is going to be a big deal for Mirantis or for OpenStack."

Can you explain OpenStack at an 8th grade level? That’s a question posed over on Reddit, by a researcher looking for a break-down that a teenager would understand.

"I am looking for a video, or a series of videos, that explains OpenStack at about an 8th grade level of understanding This is serious. I work in an academic setting and we are still mainly one Solaris box per host. Funding is always tight but I think our hardware maintenance cost is killing us."

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