Why OpenStack is as disruptive as Velcro pockets on sneakers, the final agenda for the Vancouver Summit and more in this week’s round-up…


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In Case You Missed It

Percona ambassador George O. Lorch gives a great guide on how getting started as an OpenStack contributor. Lorch suggests a mentor may come in handy when it comes to the mechanics. Read on to see his other tips!

Rackspace’s Anne Gentle describes her journey working on OpenStack documentation. Gentle compares it to her first taste of "cool, disruptive technology applied to an old problem," namely KangaROOS, those sneakers with Velcro-fastened pockets that were the hottest thing on the playground back in the 1980s.

Database-as-a-service technologies offer considerable promise in helping address many data-related challenges, explains Tesora’s Amrith Kumar on his InfoWorld blog post. Kumar describes five specific ways OpenStack trove can help manage databases. In related news, Tesora also compiled a spreadsheet that includes the most popular DBaaS solutions on the market here.

Steve Martinelli over at IBM offers up advice on leveraging OpenStackClient as your unified command line interface. "It’s fitting that I publish this write up at this current time. OpenStackClient v1.0.3 was released last week and this release includes a large number of feature requests and bug fixes. But the even more exciting news is that the OpenStack Technical Committee voted in favor to include OpenStackClient as part of it’s list of official projects!"



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