How far you can go with asking for forgiveness rather than permission, the future of OpenStack’s core mission and more.


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In Case You Missed It

Red Hat software engineer and individual director at OpenStack Russell Bryant shares his thoughts on the many different facets of OpenStack HA and how work can be done in or around OpenStack to better support legacy workloads.

Meanwhile, Jodi Smith over at Mirantis explains how the HP-championed project TripleO appears to be losing steam. The project was originally intended to simplify deployment by using OpenStack as an undercloud on which to deploy OpenStack, but attention has shifted to using container technology to approach OpenStack implementation.

History fact of the day: Rear Admiral Grace Hopper coined the phrase, "It’s easer to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission." In the early days of OpenStack, it was just that. Thierry Carrez believes that now "we pushed the regulation and "ask for permission" cursor so far we actually prevent things from happening." See his take on why the Technical Community should step away and act as an appeals board.

And finally, Arthur Cole explains on the Tesora blog how OpenStack is undergoing the tech equivalent of a complete psycho-analysis. Read on to see his thoughts on OpenStack’s survival.

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