The retail giant with 100,000 cores and a desire to give back to the community.


This year, the OpenStack Foundation has instituted a new community voting process to determine the winner of the Superuser Award that will be presented at the OpenStack Vancouver Summit. Based on nominations received, the Superuser Editorial Advisory Board conducted the first round of judging and narrowed the pool to a group of four finalists.

Now, it’s your turn.

Walmart is one of the four finalists for the Superuser Award. Review the nomination criteria below, check out the other nominees, and cast your vote.

Team and organization for nomination:

Walmart E-commerce

In what industry is your organization?


What kinds of applications are you building or running on your OpenStack cloud?

E-commerce applications (web services, web and mobile apps)

What is the scale of your OpenStack deployment?

100,000 cores

How has OpenStack provided your organization with a competitive advantage?

  1. Enables us to scale our infrastructure horizontally, at a much lower cost than scaling vertically into hardware, thus helping us contain the cost curve.
  2. Helps us scale the application up and down, thus giving us elasticity to meet the demands of our various tenants.

How has OpenStack transformed your business?

  1. It has empowered application developers to focus on building new products and use IaaS on an as-needed basis.
  2. Helps developers iterate and be agile in product development, and assume that IaaS can be adapted seamlessly along with applications.

Describe how your deployment has grown and evolved.

  1. Production traffic
  2. 1.5 billion page views during the 2014 Thanksgiving holidays

What does the OpenStack community mean to you and how have you given back?

As one of the largest consumers of OpenStack, and due to the challenges we face spanning digital and physical space of business, we believe we are in a unique position where we can provide very valuable insights into what we experience, completing the feedback loop with the community that will help OpenStack grow into a stable, feature-rich cloud platform that runs out-of-the-box for organizations big and small.

If you think Walmart should be crowned the next Superuser Award recipient, cast your vote here!

Voting is limited to one ballot per person, and closes on Monday, May 4th at 11:59 p.m. Central Time Zone.