Learn how Shubham Mishra got involved with OpenStack, Airship, and StralingX as a student.


Open source projects can only be as strong as their community.

The open source community is made up of a diverse group of individuals all at different experience levels. The Students of OpenInfra Series takes a look into universities and their approach to teaching open source in their curriculum. 

Shubham is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Delhi while working on some internships. He dreams of being a maintainer of some great open source project in the future. Check out how Shubham got started with OpenStack and Airship in his sophomore year.

What Open Infrastructure project are you working with and what made you interested in that project, as opposed to some of the other options?

While working with OPNFV, I came across Openstack and Airship. The best part of OpenInfra projects is that while remaining open source, they are production-ready and have good community support and documentation. These things make the onboarding process with OpenInfra projects easy and interesting.

How did you get started?

I got to know about OpenStack and Airship in my past Internship with OPNFV. Later in one of my other internships, I got an R&D project around StarlingX.

What was the hardest part about getting started?

I myself was a sophomore student when I started, with not much experience, so it was a good learning curve for me to understand these tools. However their architecture and great community support of OpenInfra made things possible for me.

What could have made the getting started process easier?

Kubernetes has interactive tutorials, which lets students skip the local setup process and makes things more doable. Can we do the same for OpenStack?

How have you contributed to the community?

I created the generic VNF images that can be deployed on OpenStack and act as different types of VNF for benchmarking purposes.

I, along with mentors, am doing a lot of R&D around StarlingX. We are investigating how we can leverage StarlingX to create our own testing tool. It will be used to benchmark other vendor’s StarlingX deployments.

What’s the biggest benefit from your involvement? (hard or soft skills, connections, etc)

I have gotten to know how things with open source work. I have gained a lot of technical skills but also got to meet a lot of interesting people, observe how they talk, and how to crack jokes “professionally” 🙂

What advice do you have for students who want to get started with open source?

People working with open source are always ready to help others, so never hesitate to ask! Communication is the key: communicate a lot and learn as much as possible.

Take a look at the OpenStack supported VNF images Shuham created for VSPPERF 

You can find Shubham Mishra on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shubham828/ 

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