Get started in under five minutes and just five steps with this tutorial from Lingxian Kong.


Qinling is Function-as-a-Service for OpenStack. It aims to provide a platform to support serverless functions (like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, etc.) following the best practices hammered out by the OpenStack community.

Qinling can support different container orchestration platforms (Kubernetes/Swarm/Magnum, etc.) and different function package storage backends (local/Swift/S3) thanks to its plugin mechanism. (Side note: its name comes from the Qinling mountains, the range standing as a natural boundary between Northern and Southern China, home to the great salamander.)

Lingxian Kong, senior developer at Catalyst IT, will be talking about in detail about severless architecture at the upcoming Sydney Summit. He’ll be going into Qinling’s architecture, functionality, use case and current status as well as will showing two demos about how to trigger customized function based on defined events in the cloud environment and in application development respectively.

For now though, Kong who has been working with OpenStack since 2015, previously at Huawei, offers up a taste of Qinling.

In under five minutes and in just five steps with this video tutorial, Kong shows you how to use Qinling to automatically resize photos uploaded to Swift:

1. Admin user creates runtime (Python in this demo).

2. Create a function using the runtime ID.

3. Create an event alarm in Aodh.

4. Create empty containers in Swift.

5. Upload a photo to a container, and a thumbnail for the photo is created in another container

If you’re interested in finding out more about Qinling, check out the Wiki or these sources: