This week in Quoted! the OpenStack community discusses the best strategy for going head to head with Amazon, chimes into on GigaOm Structure, and talks scale.


Listen into the latest OpenStack chatter from around the web this week. Here’s what the community is talking about:

"But maybe, just maybe the right way to beat AWS isn’t with an equally proprietary stack, but with open source instead."Matt Asay in ReadWrite

"It is said that once you get a bug in you – it is hard to get rid of it."Maish Saidel-Kessing in regards to being asked to participate in an OpenStack book sprint

"OpenStack holds the promise to provide a common cloud standard across on- and off-premise environments that is both simpler and more scalable than current data center architectures, and provides an alternative to Amazon AWS."Maria Deutscher in SiliconAngle

"[Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens] hasn’t met a customer yet who doesn’t want to discuss OpenStack — if not being the first item on the agenda."Rachel King in ZDNet

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