The Atlanta Summit is over, but talk about OpenStack hasn’t died down.


Here’s what the community is talking about this week:

"At this point, I hope you now understand why I think that we should keep OpenStack weird. Weird is the key to get better written applications, which autoscale and are self resilient. Weird is the way that your enterprise will become more agile in its way to do development and host applications. Weird is the way you’ll reduce your time to market and adapt more rapidly." — Nick Barcet, WIRED.

"OpenStack is coming into its own, and has reached a point of no return. There are now so many companies betting on its success that it simply cannot fail." — Nati Shalom, Business Cloud News

"I found a big takeaway from the Summit was seeing firsthand the rapid rate at which the OpenStack project and community continues to grow. This type of growth is not just through contributions of code, but through design, usability, test, technical training, documentation, evangelism and marketing. Essentially, the community involves talents from all aspects of the cloud ecosystem." — Alan Clark, linux.com



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