The User Committee is now taking ideas for topics from the community


The OpenStack user committee just announced that it will hold another Ops Meetup at the Paris Summit next month and they are asking the community for topic sessions here.

The first Ops Meetup was held at the Atlanta Summit in May to give people who run OpenStack clouds a place to meet, discuss, and share ideas and best practices. The Meetup was well-received and was followed by a mid-cycle Ops Meetup that was organized and held last month in San Antonio.

The largest piece of feedback the committee received from previous Meetups was that attendees wanted to see direct action coming out of the discussions. To that end, the committee has made it a point to bring in more developers and to form working groups that will take concrete steps towards a specific topic or goal for November’s Meetup.

The sessions will be in addition to the Ops Track at the Summit. They will be interactive and discussion-based, focusing on actions and improvements to specific operational needs. The goals of meeting as described by the committee are:

  1. Gather feedback on the issues that come up in running OpenStack and work to communicate this throughout the community
  2. Create a forum in which to share best practices and architectures between interested parties
  3. Increase constructive, proactive involvement from those running clouds

Question and topic ideas for the general session and the working groups are being collected from the community and range from: “How can the Operator community contribute to keeping testing environments running for older releases?” to “The next feedback loop: operators and end users” to “What do we want from Containers/Docker?”

To get involved in planning the ops meet up in Paris, share your ideas for sessions in the etherpad here.

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