Over 30 project update sessions — from Ansible to Zaqar — took place at the recent Summit Boston. Catch up with the videos.


If you’re interested in getting up to speed on what’s next for OpenStack software in the current development cycle, the project update videos from the recent OpenStack Summit Boston are available now.

There are over 30 of these project updates, where you’ll hear from the Project Team Leaders (PTLs) and core contributors about what they’ve accomplished, where they’re heading for future releases and how you can get involved.

You can find the complete list of them on the OpenStack video page. You can also get a complete overview of them (with the videos) on the project navigator.

Some that you won’t want to miss include:


Previously, these updates trickled out as interviews on Superuser following the Design Summit, but with the advent of the Project Teams Gathering and the shifting of the release cycle, the PTLs and core contributors met at the Summit Forum to discuss features and goals.