An overview of Neutron for NFV from Rossella Sblendido, core reviewer, and the OpenStack Foundation’s
Ildikó Vancsa.


Rossella Sblendido, a software engineer at SUSE and core reviewer for Neutron, knows that people have strong opinions about OpenStack’s networking-as-a-service project.

In a recent talk at the OPNFV Summit, Sblendido kicked things off with three emojis:

While she wasn’t sure she could make people love Neutron, she aimed to clear up some of the confusion, especially for NFV folks. She outlined the history of the project, its architecture and plug-ins plus provides some insight into the compute mode and L2, L3, DHCP and Metadata agents, achieving traffic isolation and packet flow with OVS.

Ildikó Vancsa, ecosystem technical lead at the OpenStack Foundation, paired up with Sblendido for the second half of the talk, diving into future plans and specific functionalities for NFV. She talks about quality of service (QoS) issues including minimum bandwidth support, egress traffic, the need for scheduling improvements and upcoming initiatives to limit ingress bandwidth including OVS agent support and those around Ethernet networking standard QinQ.

You can catch the whole 31-minute talk below:

Cover Photo // CC BY NC