About 250 people met in Copenhagen for this two-day event.


A crowd of about 250 from a variety of industries including telecommunications, automotive, consulting and cloud providers got together recently for two days for OpenStack Days Nordic.

This year, the event moved from Stockholm where it was held in 2016 to Copenhagen’s Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center.

“It’s an interesting crowd with a good mix of techies and decision makers,” says CERN data center manager Jan Van Eldik, who also attended last year’s event in Stockholm.

Organized by City Network, OP5, Dek Technologies and Rise, participating companies included Danish Broadcasting, Red Hat, Telenor, Juniper Networks as well as the local branches of NetApp, T-Systems Nordics, Ericsson, Suse, Canonical, Volvo Cars and Mellanox.

The mission of the event is to mission to increase awareness, utilization and competence surrounding OpenStack. To that end there were talks on everything from cloud strategy and business case development to operational best practices and technical deep dives. Organizers say the interest has shifted — now most people want to know how to best use their deployment depending on their industry and current deployment.

In addition to talks, the event also featured free training from OpenStack Upstream Institute, with 8 lessons broken down into three-hour sessions. Much appreciated by attendees for its hands-on approach to either getting started or deploying OpenStack, organizers say having the training is “essential” to the continued success of the event.

Organizers tell Superuser that there was also a mini-basketball contest with an OpenStack Summit ticket as a prize as well as a classification but were mum on the winners. Participants at the event — and possibly on the court? — also enjoyed local Carlsberg and Tuborg.

If you’re interested in getting involved for next year, stay tuned to the OpenStack Days Nordic website where you can sign up for the mailing list. See more from the OpenStack Days Nordic in the roundup video below.