Liberty as in free beer or free software? Neither. The next release is named after a small Canadian town.


OpenStack’s next release will be called Liberty.

While you might be thinking of the word liberty in terms of “freedom” (as in free beer or other things), the name comes from a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Let’s go back a step. The OpenStack Foundation names its software releases in alphabetical order and since 2010 has scrolled down the alphabet to reach the letter “L.” The OpenStack technical committee nominates different names that start with the letter “L” connected to the place of the corresponding summit. The next Design Summit will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

Thierry Carrez, Director of Engineering at the OpenStack Foundation, announced the name today in a Technical Committee meeting.


The "L" development cycle will be discussed in Vancouver and should result in a release in Q4 2015.

Liberty rang true over the other candidates which included Lizard, Love and London. More people voted this time around with some 1,474 people chiming in compared to about 900 people for the previous release Kilo and 750 for Juno.

Cover Photo: Google street view of Liberty,Saskatchewan